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Note:  Letter u -->  u   Upsilon -->  υ    The upsilon will be in bold print to help you identify it in a sentence.

Vocabulary: imponna - he/she/it to be skilled/skillful, smart, talented, good, capable, crafty, expert, workmanship, etc.  (sometime written and pronounced 'iponna')

Imatuks  υli ya imponna fehna kiyo.  He is not very good at his job.

Ohoyo mυt anumpuli kυt imponna.  That woman is a skillful speaker.

Mike  υt towa washoha imponna.  Mike is a really good ball player.

PDF file download:   Vocabulary: imponna - he/she/it - to be skilled/skillful

Eplal υbih chakkali, Tahlepa sipokni tuklo akocha awah untuklo.
      April 19, 2018

imponna - he/she/it - to be skilled/skillful

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